the grubby mitts:

lost toys records are home to both the music of andy holden and the grubby mitts. the music of andy holden is collaged out of scraps and fragments of melody, as if remembered from the night before, or heard floating down from a window and taken up as a hum by someone passing by on the street below.

the compositions are often composed to accompany his exhibitions or sculptures, and are often exhibited as objects.

the grubby mitts is a live band. it is written as if ‘after dance music’, short loops, (played loosely), snippets from here and there, down the scale, chat shows, veneer, refrains.

Recent live concerts have included the Luminaire, the union chapel, Tate britain, the cube cinema in Bristol, soundcurious festival in brighton and a performances at the Odeon cinema in covent garden.

Limited edition CD "after the facts" is out now on lost toys editions. screen-printed sleeve with stuck on wobbly eyes. it can also be down loaded from Here. enjoy an extract to the right->

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Andy Holden and the Grubby Mitts

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